Abu Dhabi Customs Prioritizes Intellectual Property for Economic Growth

Abu Dhabi Customs Prioritizes Intellectual Property for Economic Growth

Recognizing the significant role of intellectual property in bolstering the national economy and fostering global competitiveness, Abu Dhabi Customs underscores its commitment to this sector. In line with this commitment, the General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs recently organized a dialogue session focused on intellectual property laws, copyrights, and related rights, specifically exploring their role in sustaining poetic works.

The session, featuring poet Sheikh Majid bin Sultan Al Khatri, was a key component of Abu Dhabi Customs’ Intellectual Property Week, running from April 22 to 30. This initiative coincides with World Intellectual Property Day, celebrated annually on April 26 under this year’s theme, “Intellectual Property and Sustainable Development Goals… Building our common future with innovation and creativity.”

Attended by representatives from various government agencies, strategic partners, and Abu Dhabi Customs officials, the dialogue emphasized poetry’s societal contributions, its reflection of cultural values, and the importance of intellectual property laws in protecting creative endeavors, particularly in literature. The United Arab Emirates’ efforts in developing robust intellectual property systems and legislation, aligned with global standards, were highlighted as crucial for fostering an environment conducive to creativity and innovation.

Abu Dhabi Customs’ Intellectual Property Week also featured the launch of intellectual property and copyright competitions, along with educational workshops conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, the Trademark Owners Council, and private sector entities. Embracing best practices and advanced technologies, Abu Dhabi Customs aims to streamline procedures, enhance service quality, and cultivate a culture of innovation, ultimately contributing to a business-friendly environment that safeguards intellectual property rights and promotes investment opportunities.

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