World Meteorological Day 2024: New Leadership and Climate Action

World Meteorological Day 2024: New Leadership and Climate Action

March 23rd marks World Meteorological Day, a global celebration underscoring the critical significance of meteorology in safeguarding lives and property. This annual event emphasizes the pivotal role of meteorology in our daily lives and underscores its importance in addressing climate change.

This year, World Meteorological Day carries added significance as the World Meteorological Organization welcomes new leadership. Recently elected President and Secretary-General are poised to inject fresh perspectives and momentum into the organization’s endeavors. With a focus on innovative strategies and enhanced international cooperation, they aim to steer the organization toward addressing pressing weather, water, and climate challenges on a global scale.

Dr. Abdullah Al Mandoos, Director General of the National Center of Meteorology and newly appointed President of the World Meteorological Organization, articulated the importance of this moment in his address. He emphasized the theme of this year’s celebration, “At the forefront of climate action,” highlighting the intricate relationship between climate and water resources and the imperative for collective action to ensure water security.

Under his leadership, there’s a strong commitment to leveraging science and technology to bolster meteorological services worldwide. Strengthening early warning systems for extreme weather events and supporting water resource management and agriculture are among the priorities. Dr. Al Mandoos stressed the indispensable role of meteorology in building resilient societies and ecosystems.

In a call to action, Dr. Al Mandoos urged governments, organizations, and individuals to forge a global partnership to tackle the urgent challenges posed by climate change. He underscored the importance of fostering a culture of preparedness and innovation for a sustainable future.

As Dr. Al Mandoos concluded his address, he appealed to the international community to recognize the impact of their actions on future generations. He advocated for a world where harmony between humanity and nature prevails, guided by principles of sustainability and equity.

Dr. Abdullah Al Mandoos was elected last year to lead the World Meteorological Organization for a four-year term, reflecting the organization’s commitment to addressing global meteorological challenges.

The World Meteorological Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations comprising 139 member states, plays a crucial role in facilitating international cooperation on atmospheric science, weather, and climate-related issues, as well as the management of water resources.

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