Economic Sectors Drive Exceptional Activity During Ramadan in the UAE

Economic Sectors Drive Exceptional Activity During Ramadan in the UAE

According to Emirates News Agency “WAM,” four key economic sectors supporting national economic growth have seen remarkable levels of momentum and activity during the first third of the blessed month of Ramadan. These sectors include retail, shopping, hotels and travel, and monitoring and inspection.

The significant activity in these vital sectors is expected to boost their contribution to the national economy in the coming years, particularly as they play a major role in sustainable economic diversification for the next fifty years. This comes after achieving qualitative leaps and record growth rates, confirming the UAE’s leadership in global competitiveness indicators related to travel, aviation, and hospitality.


The hotel sector in the country continues its activity since the beginning of Ramadan, with hotels offering a plethora of promotions to stimulate occupancy. This includes attracting domestic tourism by providing a wide range of offers on accommodation, room rates, value-added offers for families and children, as well as competitive prices for breakfast and suhoor meals.

Hotels are competing to increase demand, raise occupancy levels, and acquire as many guests as possible. This includes boosting revenues through diversifying the products offered, especially concerning restaurants which are experiencing a significant increase in demand for breakfast and suhoor reservations.

The momentum in the country’s hotels is expected to continue in the coming days until the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which is anticipated to witness significant activity in the tourism sector, further solidifying its position as one of the key contributors to the national economy.


The retail sector in the UAE is witnessing significant activity during the current Ramadan month amidst strong growth in sales and visitor numbers. The activity began with the food and beverage sector, then extended to other sectors such as gold, phones, clothing, perfumes, and also the electronic retail sector with consumers flocking to purchase gifts for Ramadan and Mother’s Day, in addition to preparations for Eid al-Fitr.

Shopping centers in the country are bustling with visitors and shoppers from the early days of Ramadan amid significant interest in purchases due to numerous offers and discounts. This has boosted shopping activity and increased commercial momentum, with shoppers seizing the opportunities presented by stores and outlets, in addition to enjoying various entertainment activities and events. Expectations are for this activity and momentum to continue until Eid al-Fitr.

Travel and Aviation

Travel and aviation movements in the country have shown strong performance since the beginning of the current year, with continued activity during the ongoing Ramadan month, especially on flights to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Umrah pilgrimage.

Demand for airline and hotel bookings in the UAE has seen a significant increase during the period leading up to the holiday season, according to “Wego,” specializing in online travel and booking services, where international flight bookings from the UAE for travel in February surpassed the figures for the same period last year by 70.1%.

The succession of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and the spring break is expected to lead to significant jumps in bookings for upcoming months. It is anticipated that Eid al-Fitr in the country will witness a surge in departing air traffic compared to last year.

Monitoring and Inspection

Regulatory authorities in the country have intensified their inspection campaigns on food establishments, all points of sale, shopping centers, restaurants, and food factories since the beginning of Ramadan to ensure compliance with health regulations and requirements.

Inspection teams focus on the extent to which food establishments comply with regulations and standards related to the transportation, storage, preparation, and display of food products, as well as thermal preservation methods and the protection of food from external contaminants. This includes the cleanliness of food preparation areas, cooking methods, and their alignment with the standards applicable in the country.

These intensive inspection campaigns during the holy month aim to enhance the quality and sustainability of public health by field monitoring of food establishments operating in all Emirates of the country to ensure their compliance with health and safety regulations.

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