UAE University Leads in Research and Innovation: Publishes 813 Papers and Registers 29 Patents in Q1 2024

UAE University Leads in Research and Innovation: Publishes 813 Papers and Registers 29 Patents in Q1 2024

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has demonstrated its commitment to advancing knowledge and scientific research with the publication of 813 research papers and the registration of 29 patents during the first quarter of 2024. This notable achievement underscores the university’s dedication to making significant contributions in the field of scientific inquiry.

Professor Dr. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Vice President for Scientific Research at UAEU, praised the relentless efforts of the university’s researchers in striving for excellence and leadership in scientific research. He emphasized that these accomplishments align with the university’s overarching goal of fostering innovation as a catalyst for development and sustainable progress.

Dr. Murad highlighted the supportive environment provided by UAEU for researchers, ensuring access to necessary resources and privileges to nurture their talents and facilitate groundbreaking discoveries. The university’s commitment to evaluating research outcomes through metrics such as Scopus publications and citations further underscores its dedication to scientific advancement.

During the first quarter of 2024, UAEU published 813 research papers, with 321 relating to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and 52 specifically addressing the thirteenth goal. The university also received 306 citations during this period, reflecting the impact of its research endeavors.

Moreover, UAEU’s emphasis on innovation is evident through its global patent registrations, with 29 patents recorded in the first quarter of 2024. These patents, granted in America, Europe, and the UAE, bring the total number of patents secured since 2011 to 258, reinforcing the university’s position as a hub for scientific innovation.

The university’s research outputs continue to garner recognition, with 32.1% of publications appearing in the top 10% of scientific journals and 67.3% in the top 25%. Collaboration with international universities remains strong, accounting for 78% of research publications, while citations span across 86 countries.

In terms of research fields, engineering, computer science, physics and astronomy, and medicine emerged as the leading disciplines, reflecting UAEU’s diverse and impactful research agenda. These achievements underscore the university’s pivotal role in advancing knowledge and driving innovation on both local and global scales.

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