Emerging Peacemakers Forum Participants Gain Insight into United Nations’ Efforts for International Peace

Emerging Peacemakers Forum Participants Gain Insight into United Nations’ Efforts for International Peace

Geneva, Switzerland – In an enlightening visit, participants of the second edition of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum had the privilege of exploring the renowned headquarters of the United Nations (UN) and discovering the organization’s tireless endeavors in advancing global security and peace.

During their visit, the enthusiastic participants were immersed in a wealth of knowledge about the UN’s rich history and its affiliated bodies’ extensive peacebuilding initiatives worldwide. They were exposed to the profound impact the organization has had in resolving conflicts and fostering harmonious coexistence on a global scale.

The visit included a comprehensive briefing on the crucial work of the United Nations Human Rights Council, a key entity dedicated to promoting and safeguarding human rights across the globe. Participants gained valuable insights into the council’s role and its continuous efforts to uphold the fundamental rights of individuals worldwide.

Overflowing with excitement and gratitude, the participants expressed their profound delight at the opportunity to visit the UN headquarters in Geneva. They fervently voiced their hope that the collective efforts of international organizations and peace advocates would ultimately lead to the cessation of wars and conflicts worldwide.

In a gesture of appreciation, the participants extended their heartfelt thanks to the Muslim Council of Elders, chaired by the esteemed His Eminence Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar. They recognized the council’s instrumental role in facilitating their involvement in the forum, allowing them to acquire knowledge and insights into the promotion of peace and coexistence.

The second edition of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum, organized in collaboration between the Muslim Council of Elders, Rose Castle Foundation, and the World Council of Churches, commenced on July 6 and is set to conclude on July 14. This prestigious forum aims to empower the younger generation with the necessary skills and knowledge to actively contribute to peacebuilding efforts while disseminating the principles of dialogue, tolerance, and coexistence.

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