570 Students Participate in Sharjah Police’s ‘Police Friends’ Summer Program

570 Students Participate in Sharjah Police’s ‘Police Friends’ Summer Program

570 students participated in the 36th edition of the “Police Friends” program on Monday, organized by the Media and Public Relations Department of Sharjah Police and the Sharjah Police Science Academy. The program, which will continue until August, aims to contribute to the students’ development of maturity, character, and knowledge in the field of security services.

Brigadier General Dr. Mohammed Khamis Al Othmani, Director-General of the Sharjah Police Science Academy, highlighted the sustainability and usefulness of the “Police Friends” summer program for the country. He emphasized that students who engage in military activities during the program become better equipped to serve as police ambassadors and promote a culture of safety.

The summer program’s agenda, according to Brigadier General Al Othmani, includes speeches and seminars covering various themes such as transportation, social challenges, and safety. The chapters of the program focus on topics like anti-bullying, responsible use of electronic devices, recognizing life’s dangers, love for the nation, and the importance of family. All lessons and activities in the program are supervised by military and fitness professionals.

Major Mohammed Butti Al Hajri, Deputy Director of the Sharjah Police Media and Public Relations Department, explained that the program is held annually during the summer vacation with the aim of instilling loyalty and national values in the participating students. The “Police Friends” program serves as a platform to nurture a sense of patriotism and instill important principles in the hearts of the students.

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