Ministry of Health and Community Protection Hosts Workshop on Government Bureaucracy Reduction Program

Ministry of Health and Community Protection Hosts Workshop on Government Bureaucracy Reduction Program

Today, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection orchestrated a workshop in collaboration with the “Zeroing Bureaucracy” program team from the Prime Minister’s Office, delving into the intricacies of the government bureaucracy reduction initiative.

The workshop’s primary objective was to scrutinize the objectives and trajectories of the government bureaucracy reduction program, elucidate evaluation criteria, delineate the program’s operational framework, and draft action plans geared towards achieving national objectives. These endeavors are aimed at enhancing societal well-being and customer satisfaction, thereby fortifying the UAE’s global leadership and competitiveness in government service metrics while bolstering sustainable development efforts.

In attendance were notable figures including His Excellency Abdullah Ahli, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector, who heads the Ministry’s government bureaucracy reduction team, alongside members of the Ministry’s program team. Also present were directors from various departments such as strategy, future planning, governance, human resources, training, and finance, along with Ministry advisors responsible for program implementation. From the Prime Minister’s Office, Counselor Hisham Al Amiri graced the workshop with his presence, alongside key figures coordinating the government bureaucracy reduction program.

Participants engaged in discussions covering the program’s scope, procedural requirements, and evaluation criteria, while also deliberating on the next steps the Ministry must undertake, aligned with the Prime Minister’s Office directives and the program’s five evaluation axes.

The workshop culminated in the formulation of a comprehensive work plan, delineating specific objectives and stages over a defined timeline for program completion. This plan includes mechanisms for continuous monitoring and evaluation, ultimately aiming to streamline customer experiences, expedite service delivery, and enhance the health sector’s user journey through the reduction of redundant procedures and requirements.

Dr. Muhammad Salim Al Olama, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to swiftly implementing the government bureaucracy reduction program in line with UAE government directives. He underscored the importance of aligning with international standards to elevate institutional services and enhance customer satisfaction.

A detailed action plan with clear implementation timelines for the current year will be devised, with confidence that these efforts will significantly enhance customer experiences. The Ministry is dedicated to fostering innovation practices, promoting flexibility, proactivity, and readiness, and fortifying digital infrastructure to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

The “Zero Government Bureaucracy” program, an initiative spearheaded by the UAE government, aims to simplify procedures, reduce bureaucratic hurdles, and enhance government efficiency. By streamlining at least 2,000 government procedures, reducing procedural timelines by at least 50%, and eliminating unnecessary requirements, the UAE seeks to reinforce its global leadership in government efficiency and eradicate bureaucratic inefficiencies by the end of 2024.

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