From Family Lessons to Relationship Success: The Journey of Ayo Akinlade

From Family Lessons to Relationship Success: The Journey of Ayo Akinlade

Ayo Akinlade, the founder of Indelible Impact and author of the book “LADY, IT’S YOUR TURN TO GET MARRIED: How To Make Your Future Husband Find You, Connect With You, And Get Married To You, Within Just 8 Months,” is a relationship consultant dedicated to helping working-class single ladies find their life partners.

The Inspiration Behind the Journey

Ayo’s path to becoming a relationship consultant and author began in his own family. Growing up in a family of eight children, with six sisters and one younger brother, Ayo observed a striking difference in the romantic lives of his elder and younger sisters. While his elder sisters initially struggled in their relationships and marriages, his younger sisters seemed to navigate these areas with ease.

“All my sisters were beautiful, godly, educated, hardworking, and decent,” Ayo recalls. Yet, despite these qualities, his three elder sisters faced significant challenges in their relationships. In contrast, his three younger sisters found success and happiness in their romantic lives. This disparity puzzled Ayo and fueled his desire to understand what made the difference.

Determined to help others avoid the struggles his elder sisters faced, Ayo delved into relationship dynamics and eventually became a relationship consultant. His mission is to guide working-class single individuals towards fulfilling relationships and happy marriages.

Founding The Future Spouse Academy

To further his mission, Ayo founded The Future Spouse Academy. Over the past five years, he has successfully trained and mentored over 750 working-class single ladies across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Namibia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. His guidance has led many women to meet and marry their desired partners, transforming their lives.


Ayo’s book, “LADY, IT’S YOUR TURN TO GET MARRIED,” is a comprehensive guide for working-class single ladies. It provides practical advice on how to attract, connect with, and marry their future husbands within just eight months. The ebook addresses common challenges such as limited time for socializing, difficulty finding compatible partners, and societal pressures.

The book outlines several key strategies, including:

  1. Self-Assessment: Encouraging readers to know themselves first, understand what they want in life and in a partner.
  2. Expanding Social Networks: Suggesting 21 decent places where ladies can meet potential husbands.
  3. Setting Realistic Standards: Advising on the balance between high standards and realistic expectations.
  4. Effective Communication: Teaching how to engage and connect with potential partners.

Success Stories and Impact

Ayo’s work has led to numerous success stories. For instance, a woman from Nigeria met her future husband within six months of joining The Future Spouse Academy. Another woman from Kenya connected with her husband-to-be at a professional event after applying Ayo’s strategies.

Ayo’s commitment to helping others is evident in the testimonials from his clients. They speak of how his advice and programs have transformed their dating lives, leading to successful and happy marriages.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Ayo plans to expand the scope of Indelible Impact and The Future Spouse Academy. Indelible Impact will start publishing and promoting works of other non-fiction authors globally. The Future Spouse Academy will begin training and coaching men on a one-on-one basis, extending its transformative impact to a wider audience.

Ayo Akinlade’s journey from family lessons to becoming a successful relationship consultant and author is a testament to his dedication to helping others find love and happiness. Through his book and his academy, he continues to empower single individuals to achieve their relationship goals and find their happily ever after.

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