ADNOC Professional Football League Clubs Prepare for Return to Competition

ADNOC Professional Football League Clubs Prepare for Return to Competition

During the current international break, clubs in the ADNOC Professional Football League have been reorganizing their affairs ahead of the seventeenth round of competition, set to commence next Thursday. Club boards of directors have convened meetings to reaffirm their support for teams and implement decisions aimed at ensuring both technical and administrative stability. Additionally, daily training sessions have been prioritized, with coaching staff focusing on enhancing physical fitness and rectifying technical errors observed in previous matches.

Notable among the decisions made during this break was Al Ain Club’s extension of Argentine coach Hernan Crespo’s contract, following his successful tenure with the team, including securing a spot in the semi-finals of the AFC Champions League. The move reflects the club’s commitment to maintaining positive momentum and fostering stability.

Similarly, Sharjah Club’s board discussed the status of injured players, efforts by medical staff in their rehabilitation, and the team’s ongoing training regimen. Shabab Al-Ahly, under Serbian coach Marko Nikolic, emphasized rigorous daily training, with a focus on physical conditioning and tactical drills.

Al-Nasr Club, led by Dutch coach Alfred Schroeder, concentrated on physical and goalkeeper training, while other clubs such as Al-Wasl, Baniyas, Hatta, Al-Emirates, Al-Jazira, Al-Bataeh, and Al-Wahda emphasized physical fitness exercises under Serbian coach Goran.

In a bid to enhance club operations, the Board of Directors of the Kalba Football Association discussed plans for the first team’s future and closely monitored daily activities under coach Ghazi Al-Shammari, appointed to replace Iranian coach Farhad Majidi.

Meanwhile, Khor Fakkan Club announced the signing of Paraguayan player Irwin Alexander and Portuguese player Nelson Pereira, registering them as residents. The club management has demonstrated strong support for players and technical staff during daily training sessions.

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