University of Sharjah Director Explores Scientific Collaboration with German Arab Academy

University of Sharjah Director Explores Scientific Collaboration with German Arab Academy

His Excellency Professor Dr. Hamid Majoul Al Nuaimi, Director of the University of Sharjah, engaged in discussions with several members of the Board of Trustees of the German Arab Academy for young researchers in scientific disciplines and social sciences during their recent visit to the university. The talks centered on enhancing scientific and research cooperation between the university and the academy, along with plans for organizing seminars, scientific forums, and various research activities. Additionally, the parties explored opportunities for student and researcher exchanges between the University of Sharjah and several universities in Germany.

The meeting, attended by distinguished university figures including Professor Dr. Youssef Al-Hayek, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Professor Dr. Muammar Battayeb, Vice Chancellor for Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, and Professor Dr. Rabie Halawani, Director of the Sharjah Institute for Medical Research and Health Sciences, aimed to strengthen collaborative ties in academia.

Representing the German Arab Academy were several esteemed members and Dr. Sabina Dürr-Pemüller, Director General of the Academy.

The Arab-German Academy for Young Researchers in Scientific and Social Sciences, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, serves as a crucial platform facilitating communication between Arab students and researchers and their counterparts in German institutions and universities. With members hailing from various Arab countries, the academy plays a pivotal role in fostering international scholarly exchange and collaboration.

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