UAE Summons Swedish Diplomat Over Attacks on Quran Copies

UAE Summons Swedish Diplomat Over Attacks on Quran Copies

In a recent development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) summoned the Chargé D’Affaires at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden to express deep concern and dissatisfaction over the repeated attacks and abuses on copies of the Holy Quran within Sweden. Extremist groups have been responsible for these offensive acts, sparking outrage within the UAE.

The UAE took a strong stance against the Swedish government’s decision to allow such attacks to persist, viewing it as a disregard for international responsibilities and a failure to uphold important social values. The Ministry underlined the significance of monitoring hate speech and racism, emphasizing their potential to disrupt peace and security.

Freedom of expression was firmly rejected as a justification for these heinous acts. The UAE firmly believes that promoting such practices only serves to undermine security and stability, contrary to the fundamental human values and principles that should govern societies.

The Ministry further stressed its rejection of any actions that foster hatred and extremism, recognizing that they hinder international efforts to promote tolerance, coexistence, and peace among different peoples. It was reiterated that respecting religious symbols and avoiding incitement are essential, especially during times when global cooperation is crucial in upholding universal principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Highlighting the importance of adhering to international norms and laws that protect religions and religious symbols, the Ministry underscored that hate speech and extremism are major contributors to conflict escalation worldwide. To achieve stability and sustainable development, the principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence must be actively promoted and implemented on a global scale.

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