UAE Participates in Annual Moussem of Tan-Tan in Morocco

UAE Participates in Annual Moussem of Tan-Tan in Morocco

The UAE has joined the 2023 edition of the Moussem of Tan-Tan, taking place in southwest Morocco, under the patronage of King Mohammed VI. The festival, which commenced today and will run until July 12, is an annual gathering of nomadic communities from the Sahara region, bringing together numerous tribes from southern Morocco and other parts of northwest Africa.

Representing the UAE at the event is a pavilion organized by the Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee-Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with various UAE cultural preservation organizations.

These gatherings provide a platform for nomadic groups to come together, engage in trade and barter of food and other goods, host camel and horse-breeding competitions, celebrate weddings, and seek advice from herbalists.

The Moussem of Tan-Tan also showcases a diverse range of cultural expressions, including musical performances, traditional chants, games, poetry contests, and other oral traditions. It serves as a platform for participants to preserve and celebrate their unique cultural heritage.

The UAE’s participation in the Moussem of Tan-Tan demonstrates the country’s commitment to cultural exchange and preservation, fostering connections with nomadic communities and promoting intercultural understanding.

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