UAE Ministry of Defence’s Al-Jundi Journal Releases July 2023 Issue

UAE Ministry of Defence’s Al-Jundi Journal Releases July 2023 Issue

The latest issue of Al-Jundi journal, published by the UAE Ministry of Defence, has been released for July 2023, marked as Issue No. 594.

In its bilingual format, featuring both Arabic and English articles, the journal covers a range of crucial subjects, including research, analysis, significant events, and news related to the Ministry of Defence and the UAE Armed Forces.

Titled “The Armed Forces Excellence and Innovation Award,” the editorial of Al-Jundi emphasizes the UAE’s commitment to excellence, competitiveness, and innovation under the guidance of its wise leadership. The aim is to bolster the nation’s development, growth, and prosperity, making excellence synonymous with the UAE’s identity.

The editorial states, “Since its establishment in 2017, the Armed Forces Excellence and Innovation Award has sought to foster a spirit of competition among the units and departments of the Armed Forces in the areas of excellence and innovation. It encourages the provision of innovative solutions to various challenges, talent and potential discovery, and the utilization of available technological, technical, and operational resources in support of Armed Forces development and modernization.”

The journal further affirms the Armed Forces’ strong belief in promoting a culture of excellence and innovation, which has been a cornerstone of their performance evaluation since the unification of the Armed Forces on May 6, 1976.

The latest issue of Al-Jundi delves into notable political, military, and security events, advancements in weaponry, scientific and technological developments, and the impact of modern technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) in the military domain.

The journal also features sections dedicated to the opinions and analyses of esteemed Emirati and Arab writers, who discuss various topics of interest to readers.

Established in 1973, Al-Jundi initially focused on covering news and activities related to the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, it has evolved to include studies, research, reports, and specialized military files, authored by renowned experts and writers in the field of defense and security from around the world.

To enhance its content and cater to readers’ interests, Al-Jundi conducts interviews and investigations with prominent military and civilian figures. The journal also publishes cultural, economic, medical, and sports reports, contributing to the enrichment of the cultural and scientific landscape. Additionally, it regularly releases supplements aligned with significant events in the UAE.

Through its print edition, website (, and digital platforms (@aljundijournal), Al-Jundi remains committed to providing the latest updates in the realm of military media, catering to its followers not only in the UAE but also across the Arab region and the world.

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