UAE Extends Humanitarian Aid to Sudanese Refugees and Local Communities in Chad

UAE Extends Humanitarian Aid to Sudanese Refugees and Local Communities in Chad

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) remains steadfast in its commitment to extending vital aid to Sudanese refugees and the local community in the Republic of Chad through a comprehensive food distribution initiative.

Overseen by the UAE’s dedicated humanitarian team, composed of key entities such as the UAE’s Chad-based Aid Coordination Office, the Emirates Red Crescent, the Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, and the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation for Humanitarian Works, the operation aims to alleviate the hardships faced by vulnerable populations.

The humanitarian team conducted on-ground assessments and outreach activities in the Arso 1 and Arso 2 regions, where essential food items were distributed to the residents. These actions underscore the UAE’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being of those affected by challenging circumstances.

Sultan Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Development and International Organisations Affairs, emphasized the pivotal role played by the UAE’s newly established Aid Coordination Office in Chad. Located in the city of Amdjarass, this office has embarked on fieldwork and community visits, focusing on Sudanese refugees along the Chadian border.

The office’s multifaceted efforts encompass food parcel distribution, in-depth field assessments, and provision of crucial medical support. Field assessments are instrumental in identifying specific support requirements and devising optimal distribution methods to ensure assistance reaches the most vulnerable groups, including the sick, children, elderly, and women.

The UAE’s humanitarian commitment extends beyond food provision, as the team has also orchestrated mobile clinics to offer essential health examinations and medications to residents in both regions.

Al Shamsi emphasized that the UAE’s tireless relief endeavors are a reflection of the nation’s unwavering dedication to alleviating human suffering arising from conflicts, crises, and natural disasters. Guided by the UAE’s compassionate ethos, these efforts transcend political boundaries and embrace individuals regardless of their background or circumstances.

The UAE remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a more equitable and compassionate global community, aiming to address the humanitarian needs of those in distress, eradicate poverty, and combat hunger. This approach embodies the UAE’s enduring pledge to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

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