UAE Attorney-General Emphasizes Protection of Rights and Legal Procedures

UAE Attorney-General Emphasizes Protection of Rights and Legal Procedures

Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, the Attorney-General of the UAE, has reaffirmed the commitment of all institutions to uphold and safeguard the constitutional and legal rights of every citizen, resident, and visitor within the UAE’s territory.

In a statement issued today, the UAE Attorney-General clarified that all security measures undertaken by entities and agencies in the country strictly adhere to UAE laws. These measures are conducted under the supervision of the Public Prosecution, which acts as the representative of society. The monitoring and recording of conversations, telephone calls, and correspondences are only carried out when there is evidence of a violation of the law, and such actions require the exclusive approval of the Attorney-General.

Dr. Al Shamsi emphasized that these procedures align with the regulations stipulated in the Constitution and laws, and they are carried out under the complete oversight of the competent judicial authority.

He further stated that any violation of these established rules during the implementation of these procedures would result in accountability and severe punishment. This is done to ensure the protection of individuals’ freedoms and basic human rights in the UAE.

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