UAE Attorney-General Emphasizes Commitment to Justice and Rule of Law on International Law Day

UAE Attorney-General Emphasizes Commitment to Justice and Rule of Law on International Law Day

Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, the UAE’s Attorney-General, reaffirmed the nation’s dedication to upholding the principles of swift justice and the rule of law, which have been paramount over the past five decades. He stressed that the UAE’s commitment to these principles is deeply rooted in the belief that preserving human dignity is of utmost importance, with societal safety and stability serving as the primary sources of development and progress.

In commemoration of International Law Day, observed annually on September 13th, Dr. Al Shamsi highlighted the UAE’s unwavering commitment to respect for the law and the pursuit of equality among all members of society. These values, he noted, hold a significant place in the agenda of the country’s wise leadership, serving as fundamental pillars for construction, development, and overall stability.

Dr. Al Shamsi pointed out that the UAE has embarked on a journey of modernizing its laws and practices while drawing inspiration from its religious values and rich cultural heritage, which are deeply rooted in the principles of justice, equality, and tolerance.

Emphasizing the UAE’s notable position in the “Global Rule of Law Index,” Dr. Al Shamsi highlighted that the country’s unique experience in fostering sustainable development is founded on the solid foundation of justice and the rule of law. The UAE consistently underscores the importance of respect for and adherence to the law, aligning with the constitutional provision that ensures the equality of all individuals, irrespective of origin, race, color, religion, or social status.

Additionally, Dr. Al Shamsi explained that the inclusion of principles such as rights preservation and the establishment of a just state in the UAE’s “10 Principles for the Next 50 Years” represents a tangible manifestation of the nation’s commitment to sustainability. This commitment underscores the UAE’s enduring vision and relentless efforts to enhance and solidify the principles of justice and the rule of law.

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