The Arab Youth Center Concludes Negotiation Skills Bootcamp Empowering Youth for Climate Initiatives

The Arab Youth Center Concludes Negotiation Skills Bootcamp Empowering Youth for Climate Initiatives

The second edition of the ‘Negotiation Skills Bootcamp – Cohort 52’ organized by the Arab Youth Center (AYC) reached its conclusion in Abu Dhabi. This event, held under the ‘Young Arab Diplomatic Leaders’ program, was conducted in collaboration with several prominent organizations, including the European Union Delegation to the UAE, COP28 Youth Champion Team, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD).

The bootcamp gathered over 52 young professionals working within the UAE government, with a particular focus on climate-related matters. Participants engaged in numerous intensive workshops and panel discussions designed to enhance their policy-making and negotiation skills. The program aimed to prepare these young leaders for active participation in two significant upcoming events: the 18th edition of the Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY18), which will convene 1,000 young individuals worldwide, and the 28th Conference of the Parties for Climate Change (COP 28), scheduled to be hosted by the UAE later in the year.

Participants expressed their enthusiasm for the ‘Negotiation Skills Bootcamp’ and its role in providing them with a comprehensive understanding of negotiation fundamentals. The bootcamp equipped them with innovative concepts and empowered them to contribute effectively to the regional climate change discourse while supporting global sustainable solutions.

Hoor Ahli, a UAE Youth Climate Delegate, lauded her participation in the bootcamp and highlighted the importance of youth involvement in climate initiatives. She stressed the role of informed and climate-savvy Emirati and Arab youth in shaping climate change policy and promoting sustainability at both regional and global levels.

Mohammed Al Ajmani, Chairman of the Youth Council at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, emphasized the pivotal role of youth in climate decision-making. He acknowledged the significance of negotiation skills in advocating for climate-related causes and their broader applicability in personal and professional life.

Maitha Al Ketbi, Projects Assistant Director at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, expressed her gratitude for being nominated to participate in the bootcamp. She recognized the value of the skills acquired, particularly negotiation skills, in connecting with young leaders from diverse sectors and conveying the UAE’s vision on global issues effectively.

The ‘Negotiation Skills Bootcamp’ aligns with the declaration of 2023 as the ‘Year of Sustainability’ under the slogan ‘Today for Tomorrow,’ emphasizing the UAE’s commitment to sustainability and youth engagement in climate initiatives.

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