TDRA Launches “TDRA Podcast” to Enhance Digital Awareness

TDRA Launches “TDRA Podcast” to Enhance Digital Awareness

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has unveiled the “TDRA Podcast” as a new addition to its media channels. This podcast aims to disseminate TDRA’s awareness messages to various segments of society, highlighting its projects, initiatives, regulations, and policies that are relevant to customers.

The launch of the podcast is a response to the growing demand for this form of media, especially in the UAE, where podcast listeners accounted for approximately 21 percent of the population in 2022, according to a report from DataPortal. The first episode of the “TDRA Podcast” already garnered 10,000 interactive listeners, demonstrating the popularity of this new channel.

Through the podcast, TDRA aims to raise awareness about its role in regulating the telecommunications sector and promoting digital transformation for social and economic development, aligning with the objectives of the “We the UAE 2031” Vision.

The podcast will feature regular broadcasts hosting local and international experts, discussing various aspects of the UAE’s experience in telecom regulation, digital government, and successful stories of digital transformation. It will also address the future of telecommunications and the digital government sector, encourage open dialogue by addressing general inquiries from listeners, and facilitate interactions by discussing topics raised by TDRA’s customers on other channels.

Mohammad Al Kitbi, TDRA Deputy Director-General for Support Services, expressed the importance of the podcast as a means to spread useful information, raise digital awareness, and highlight community-beneficial projects. He emphasized the podcast’s role in enhancing communication between TDRA and the public, fostering understanding of the digital government’s significance, and promoting the safe and innovative use of the Internet.

The TDRA Podcast is available on the TDRA website, as well as on popular platforms such as “Apple Podcast,” “Google Podcast,” and Spotify. The podcast features insights from experts and TDRA employees, providing valuable information about the telecommunications and digital government sectors. Users can access recorded episodes at their convenience.

The launch of the TDRA Podcast is part of TDRA’s media strategy to engage users and promote digital participation, involving the public in the policymaking and decision-making processes. The podcast contributes to building a knowledge-based society that stays connected through constant interaction with ICTs.

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