SRTA Records 38 Million Passengers Transported in 2022

SRTA Records 38 Million Passengers Transported in 2022

According to the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA), the recently released operational results indicate that approximately 38 million passengers utilized the diverse mass transportation services offered by the public transportation network in the emirate. This includes intercity buses, taxis, and airport vehicles throughout the year 2022.

Engineer Yousef Khamis Al Othmani, Chairman of the SRTA, stated that the number of beneficiaries of taxi services and franchise companies within the emirate amounted to 29 million passengers, while the total number of beneficiaries of public transport bus services amounted to about 5.3 million, with an average of 14,500 passengers per day. They were transported by 98 buses operating on 12 lines, through 437 stopping points.

Moreover, about 3.6 million passengers benefited from intercity bus services during the past year, and as for airport flight passengers, the total number of beneficiaries during 2022 reached about 335,000 passengers.

He stressed that the authority harnesses all its capabilities to encourage passengers to use mass transportation in the emirate, through developing the fleet of mass transit vehicles, and providing it with the latest mechanisms and vehicles with standard and international specifications, which provide reassurance and comfort to the users of various means of transport. He also confirmed the keenness of the authority in managing safer flights and high-quality services that ensure smooth and flexible use by the public.

Al Othmani indicated that the fleet of buses and transport vehicles distributed to the cities and regions of the emirate recorded about 20 million trips for the various means of mass transportation of the public transport network in the emirate. The total number of airport vehicle trips reached 485,972, at an average of 1,330 trips per day, carried out by 154 vehicles, while intercity buses carried out 222,432 trips.

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