Sharjah Self-Defense Sports Club Integrates Virtual Reality for Player Development during Innovation Month

Sharjah Self-Defense Sports Club Integrates Virtual Reality for Player Development during Innovation Month

In a pioneering move aligning with Innovation Month, the Sharjah Self-Defense Sports Club has unveiled plans to enhance the technical proficiency of players through the incorporation of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences, aiming to elevate physical, artistic, and health aspects of athletes.

The club intends to deploy VR and AR experiences in select sports and for specific players, with a subsequent evaluation of the outcomes to facilitate wider dissemination in the future. This strategic initiative aims to improve athletes’ performance, fostering greater sporting achievements in the days ahead.

The implementation of virtual and augmented reality during training and competitions is poised to revolutionize the players’ experience by simulating real-world scenarios. This method leverages global experiences swiftly and creates secure training environments that replicate authentic situations in technical, physical, and competitive dimensions, consequently minimizing the risk of actual injuries.

Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Owais, the Chairman of the Club’s Board of Directors, emphasized that the club’s innovative programs are often inspired by inventive ideas from accomplished players, advanced clubs, and team experiences. The distance training program, previously introduced, ushered in a significant shift in players’ performance and results. Al Owais expressed the club’s ambition to continue generating new ideas that contribute to development plans, ultimately enhancing player performance and skills.

Virtual reality experiences offer an effective means to streamline training and physical preparation for athletes, contributing to the technical development of players. These experiences leverage virtual reality to enhance physical fitness and strength exercises, ease treatment and recovery for sports injuries through simulated physical therapy exercises, reduce pain, and accelerate healing processes. The club’s integration of cutting-edge technology aligns with the broader industry trend of utilizing innovation to drive advancements in sports training and athlete development.

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