Sharjah Airport Authority Expands Global Presence at Berlin International Stock Exchange 2024

Sharjah Airport Authority Expands Global Presence at Berlin International Stock Exchange 2024

The Sharjah Airport Authority is actively participating in the Berlin International Stock Exchange 2024, a global platform uniting numerous exhibitors, business leaders, and experts in the travel and tourism sector. This participation is organized under the auspices of the “Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority” as part of ongoing initiatives to fortify Sharjah’s status as a promising tourist and economic destination. The primary objective is to identify key international companies, fostering the expansion of the destination network at Sharjah Airport.

During the exhibition, taking place from March 5 to 7, the Authority is dedicated to enhancing its global footprint, cultivating relationships with leaders in the global tourism and travel sector, and showcasing the latest developments, services, and facilities offered by Sharjah Airport.

His Excellency Ali Salem Al Midfa, Chairman of the Sharjah International Airport Authority, remarked, “Through our participation in this year’s Berlin International Stock Exchange exhibition, we aim to showcase the expansion plans, services, and facilities provided by the airport. Given the exhibition’s increasing importance on the global stage and the participation of representatives from 165 countries worldwide.”

Al Midfa emphasized that the exhibition provides an opportunity to highlight the recent achievements of Sharjah Airport, particularly the advancements made in the past year. This period has been crucial in the airport’s capacity expansion efforts to meet the growing demand for travel through Sharjah. Additionally, the focus will be on spotlighting the development in digital services infrastructure and various facilities available to travelers.

Sharjah Airport Travel Agency (SATA), a leading provider of comprehensive tourism services and one of the fastest-growing travel agencies in the UAE, is also actively participating. The company aims to bolster communication with international entities and explore new avenues for collaboration during the exhibition.

The annual participation in the Berlin International Stock Exchange exhibition is a consistent element of the Authority’s international agenda. However, this year’s involvement holds particular significance with the initiation of the passenger terminal expansion and Sharjah Airport achieving its highest performance to date by welcoming over 15.3 million passengers in 2023.

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