Ras Al Khaimah’s Public Services Department Mobilizes Emergency Teams for Rain Response

Ras Al Khaimah’s Public Services Department Mobilizes Emergency Teams for Rain Response

The Department of Public Services in Ras Al Khaimah has affirmed its ongoing efforts to address the current weather conditions and substantial rainfall in the emirate. The dedicated rain emergency teams, comprising skilled personnel and diverse equipment, are efficiently managing water pool withdrawal in various areas. Their primary focus is to optimize traffic flow, ensuring the safety of lives and property. All committees are operating seamlessly within an integrated joint system, initiating action from the onset of rainfall.

Engineer Khaled Fadl Al Ali, Director General of the Department of Public Services, highlighted that the department proactively allocated resources, including trained personnel and machinery, aligning with pre-established plans to promptly respond to rainfall challenges. The teams and committees are executing their duties with heightened efficiency, promoting adaptability in addressing the prevailing weather conditions.

Al-Ali detailed the department’s provision of 82 water tanks for rainwater extraction, over 41 mobile pumping stations, and two dam stations. Additionally, the department supplied necessary equipment and protective clothing for field personnel to ensure their safety. Coordination and collaboration with strategic partners have been paramount, offering support in various areas, roads, and squares to uphold progress according to joint plans.

Emphasizing public safety, Al-Ali noted that the department disseminated numerous awareness messages across its social media platforms. These messages urged the public to exercise caution, avoid standing water, and drive safely. The department declared full readiness to handle the weather conditions and any associated damages, encouraging the public to report comments or concerns via the call center at 8008118.

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