President Biden Acknowledges UAE’s Role in East-West Economic Corridor at G20 Summit

President Biden Acknowledges UAE’s Role in East-West Economic Corridor at G20 Summit

During the G20 summit held in New Delhi, United States President Joe Biden publicly recognized the significant contribution of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan in shaping the east-west ‘economic corridor’ that connects India through the Middle East to Europe via rail and port connections.

Addressing Sheikh Mohamed, President Biden expressed his gratitude, stating, “I would like to say: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don’t think we would be here if it weren’t for you.” This gesture by the U.S. president is a notable recognition of the UAE’s role in the initiative. President Sheikh Mohamed was a special invitee at the G20 summit, held under India’s presidency.

“This was the second consecutive time the UAE was a special invitee at the G20, the first being in 2022 in Bali when Indonesia held the presidency. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed has consistently supported international collective efforts to improve the future of humanity,” remarked Gulf Today in an editorial.

Jamal Al-Harbi, News Relationship Manager in the UAE, shed light on the reason behind President Biden’s gratitude, explaining that Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed had proposed the concept of establishing a railway network and trade route between India and the Middle East during discussions with the Biden administration six months prior. Thanks to his vision, this ambitious project will soon become a reality.

Furthermore, President Sheikh Mohamed played a crucial role in launching the Global Biofuel Alliance during the G20 summit, a move aimed at facilitating trade in biofuels derived from natural sources and contributing to achieving net-zero carbon emissions goals.

The UAE has been proactive in dealing with global economic challenges and climate change, participating in 25 ministerial meetings of the G20 under India’s presidency. The country’s innovative and forward-thinking approach can be attributed to the visionary leadership of President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed.

Dr. Atiq Jakah Al Mansouri, a professor of politics at UAE University, emphasized the global presence of President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed and his pivotal role in international forums and strategic projects. Dr. Mansouri described him as a leader with both traditional and modern leadership qualities.

By actively participating on the global stage, the UAE, under Sheikh Mohamed’s leadership, has been able to wield influence and contribute strategically beyond the size of its economy, punching above its weight in world affairs. The country occupies a central role in international consultations regarding the economy, peace, and conflict, thanks to Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed’s bold and innovative leadership.

The UAE’s resilience in the face of post-COVID challenges and its ability to attract foreign direct investments further underscore its emerging role as a key player shaping global policy decisions.

Source: Gulf Today

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