Orban Dismisses Falsified Arsenal Comments: Apologizes to Fans

Orban Dismisses Falsified Arsenal Comments: Apologizes to Fans

Gift Orban, the Nigerian striker, wants to apologize to the Arsenal fans for the recent misrepresentation of his views regarding the club. Orban clarifies that the statement attributed to him does not reflect his actual words or opinions and deeply regrets any misunderstanding that may have arisen from this false representation.

Reports running across the media has Orban’s words distorted and taken out of context. The Genk forward with 19 goals in 19 games has cleared the air in an exclusive phone conversation with Ediale Kingsley, a journalist and publicist with Sabistation Media.

Acknowledging Arsenal’s impressive track record and standing as a premier football club, Orban has stressed his deep admiration and reverence for the team. He guarantees that he would refrain from criticizing or insulting the club.

The purported statement is false and misrepresents Orban’s true views. He strongly believes that Arsenal can challenge for and triumph in major competitions. He acknowledges the loyalty and zeal of Arsenal fans towards their team. Despite recent performances falling short of expectations, Orban is convinced that Arsenal can recover and achieve great things.

Orban wishes to express his sincere apologies to all the Arsenal fans who may have been disappointed or hurt by the false statement attributed to him. He has the utmost admiration for the club and its supporters, and he deeply regrets any offense caused by this misrepresentation. He hopes that this clarification will help repair any strained relations and reestablish his respect and admiration for Arsenal.

Orban, while staying committed to his performances for Gent and striving towards his personal and professional goals, eagerly anticipates the prospect of playing against Arsenal in the future. He values the energy and fervor that Arsenal brings to every game and is excited to experience it firsthand on the field.

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