National Archives and Library Engage Children in Educational Activities at Sheikh Zayed Festival

National Archives and Library Engage Children in Educational Activities at Sheikh Zayed Festival

The Education Corner of the “Memory of the Nation” platform, representing the participation of the National Archives and Library in the Sheikh Zayed Festival 2023-2024, is actively involving children and students. The platform offers various activities, events, and competitions designed to instill national principles, reinforce a sense of belonging to the homeland, foster loyalty to its wise leadership, and contribute to enriching their knowledge.

Since the commencement of the festival in mid-November, the National Archives and Library have organized more than 50 workshops and activities, reaching over 600 participating children. The aim is to uplift the moral values of the younger generation and contribute to a well-rounded national upbringing, emphasizing the significance of the nation and the cohesion of society.

The activities at the Education Corner include a popular marching game, drawing workshops featuring prominent landmarks, the UAE flag, and map coloring, as well as reading sessions with specially prepared booklets for children. These booklets include summaries of works like “Zayed from Challenge to Union,” “Khalifa… A Journey to the Future,” and “Qasr Al Hosn… A History of the Rulers of Abu Dhabi.”

Derived from the book “My Homeland of the Emirates,” the Education Corner provides engaging and purposeful workshops with interesting information, games, and stories, all contributing to the wholesome patriotic upbringing of children.

The National Archives and Library have successfully brought the educational content to life through puppet theater, featuring cartoon characters such as “Grandpa, Hamad, and Hessa,” which have received an enthusiastic response from children.

Supervised by a team of education specialists, the platform ensures a lively and interactive learning experience for the younger audience.

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