Mohammed bin Rashid’s Digital School Initiative Reports Success of “Donate Your Device” Campaign

Mohammed bin Rashid’s Digital School Initiative Reports Success of “Donate Your Device” Campaign

The Digital School, a key global initiative spearheaded by Mohammed bin Rashid, has disclosed the achievements of its “Donate Your Device” campaign, conducted in partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent Authority under the banner “Donate to Educate.” The campaign has garnered over 32,000 diverse contributions of used electronic devices, aimed at refurbishing or recycling them to support underprivileged digital school students worldwide in their educational endeavors.

The announcement of the campaign’s accomplishments coincided with “World Recycling Day,” observed annually on March 18th, underscoring the significance of this groundbreaking global initiative. It underscores humanitarian, educational, and environmental objectives, showcasing the UAE’s pioneering role in advancing sustainable development goals, preserving the environment, promoting recycling, and ensuring access to education for students globally.

Contributions encompassed 36% computer devices (computers, tablets, smartphones), 30% other electronic devices (screens, printers, projectors), and 34% electronic device accessories. These items are refurbished or recycled following environmentally sound practices, contributing to the reduction of electronic waste, which accounts for approximately 70% of toxic waste.

His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, and Chairman of the Digital School’s Board of Directors, affirmed the campaign’s success, attributing it to the UAE society’s inherent spirit of giving, awareness of humanitarian initiatives, and commitment to sustainability practices. He commended the widespread engagement and partnerships with government agencies, private entities, and academic institutions that facilitated this achievement.

Al Olama emphasized the Digital School’s belief in promoting digital education solutions, aligning with the educational paradigms of the future. He highlighted the campaign’s innovative approach in humanitarian and environmental endeavors, in sync with the UAE’s sustainability agenda, and its efforts to realize global sustainable development goals.

Rashid Mubarak Al Mansouri, Acting Secretary-General of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, affirmed the campaign’s alignment with the Digital School’s mission to provide innovative educational solutions worldwide, particularly in regions facing educational challenges. He lauded the extensive response from various sectors, which surpassed the campaign’s objectives, expressing the Authority’s commitment to strategic partnerships that enhance smart education opportunities globally.

Youssef Shehadeh, co-founder of eCyclex, a partner in the campaign, emphasized the initiative’s role in leveraging technology to advance education, societal well-being, and environmental sustainability locally and globally.

Dr. Walid Al Ali, Secretary General of the Digital School, hailed the campaign as a model of innovation in promoting education while preserving the environment. He emphasized its contribution to achieving global sustainability goals and fostering international cooperation in education.

The Digital School has extended the “Donate Your Device” campaign to facilitate further contributions, aiming to expand the circle of beneficiaries worldwide. The campaign received significant engagement from governmental, private, academic, and community sectors, with over 80 institutions participating, including prominent entities like Dubai Police, American University of Sharjah, and Emirates Airlines.

The initiative, aligned with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability goals, collects used electronic devices for refurbishment and recycling to provide digital learning tools for students. It supports sustainable solutions in education, reduces electronic waste, and grants participating institutions green contribution certificates.

The Digital School, launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aims to provide digital learning options to underprivileged students globally. It employs a comprehensive approach to digital transformation in education, expanding educational opportunities through digital learning in remote and developing areas. With over 160,000 beneficiary students across 13 countries, the Digital School continues to advance its mission of empowering students through modern educational curricula.

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