Joint National Awareness Campaign for Gas Station Safety Returns with Fourth Edition

Joint National Awareness Campaign for Gas Station Safety Returns with Fourth Edition

The Media Committee of the Joint National Awareness Campaign for Security and Safety at Gas Stations has announced the launch of the fourth consecutive edition of the campaign, scheduled to run from July 26th to September 25th. Under the slogan “Five for your Safety,” the campaign aims to improve security and safety levels in society, aligning with the vision of the UAE’s leadership.

The Committee comprises representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the General Command of Civil Defence at the Ministry of Interior, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat), and the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC).

The primary objective of the campaign is to raise awareness about safety and security indicators and promote proper practices at gas stations, with a particular focus on fuel-filling procedures. It seeks to encourage individuals to adhere to safe fueling practices, such as reducing speed to 20 kilometers per hour (km/h) upon entering the station, minimizing unnecessary vehicle exits, refraining from smoking, turning off the engine, and ensuring the fuel tank is tightly closed.

To reach a wide audience, the campaign will utilize various media and tools to spread its awareness messages. These messages will be displayed on gas station screens nationwide and shared through the government’s and campaign partners’ social media platforms.

The campaign builds upon the success of its previous editions, which contributed to an increase in compliance with security and safety requirements at gas stations. The third edition witnessed a remarkable rise in compliance from 54 percent to 74 percent, while awareness levels increased from 89 percent to 95 percent.

Through its continuous efforts, the Joint National Awareness Campaign aims to instill a culture of safety and responsibility among gas station users, ensuring their well-being and fostering a safer environment for all.

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