“Horizons in Materials Science and Engineering Conference” at American University of Sharjah Facilitates Global Collaboration

“Horizons in Materials Science and Engineering Conference” at American University of Sharjah Facilitates Global Collaboration

The American University of Sharjah recently hosted the “Horizons in Materials Science and Engineering Conference,” bringing together over 250 experts and researchers from 40 universities and institutions worldwide. The conference aimed to explore the latest developments at the intersection of materials science and engineering while fostering regional and international cooperation among academics and government entities.

Addressing topics such as materials synthesis and processing, energy materials, environmental considerations, and materials modeling, simulation, the conference provided a platform for knowledge exchange and enhanced communication opportunities among participants. Dr. Ali Al-Nasser, conference president and professor of physics, emphasized the significance of the event as a forum for researchers and specialists to collaborate on innovative solutions to global challenges, fostering new ideas and collaborations that could drive significant developments in the field.

Organized by the Materials Research Center in the University’s College of Arts and Sciences, the conference featured 8 keynote speeches and lectures by distinguished researchers and industry experts. The topics covered included silicon nanostructures, femtosecond laser-induced processes, and semiconducting polymers for electronics. Additionally, the conference included 10 sessions, offering participants a comprehensive overview of the latest research trends.

The dynamic nature of the conference was further highlighted by a poster session featuring over 75 posters showcasing groundbreaking research findings and innovative solutions. Hatem Al-Mousa, CEO of the Sharjah National Oil Corporation, the platinum sponsor of the conference, expressed the corporation’s commitment to the university’s academic mission and belief in the capabilities of its dedicated researchers and faculty members.

The Materials Research Center, launched recently, serves as a multidisciplinary research center combining science and various branches of technology and engineering. It aims to discover innovative solutions in the energy, environment, healthcare, and construction sectors, utilizing the latest technologies and benefiting from the expertise of faculty members and international experts.

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