GL Holding Partners with Urban Mobility Systems to Launch Renewable Energy Projects in the UAE

GL Holding Partners with Urban Mobility Systems to Launch Renewable Energy Projects in the UAE

GL Holding (GLH) has announced a strategic partnership with Urban Mobility Systems (UMS), a prominent Dutch company in the green energy sector, to initiate a series of renewable energy projects in the UAE. The collaboration begins with the establishment of a specialized factory for developing and manufacturing green batteries, electric motors, chargers, and power generators.

The partnership agreement was signed in Abu Dhabi under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy and witnessed by Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, and Gerard Paul Marie Hubert Steeghs, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UAE. Ali Mohammed Al Mulla, CEO of GLH, and Lars Kool, CEO and Head of Technology at UMS, represented their respective organizations in the signing.

During the signing ceremony, Dr. Al Zeyoudi emphasized the UAE’s commitment to attract cutting-edge global technologies in the green energy sector. The country seeks to diversify its national economy in collaboration with the private sector. The UAE views the private sector as a vital partner in its development journey and aims to stimulate economic growth through innovation and knowledge-driven initiatives that address the future economy. Dr. Al Zeyoudi also highlighted the importance of international collaboration, especially in the promising field of green energy, and emphasized the UAE’s focus on sustainability and clean energy solutions.

Ambassador Steeghs expressed his support for the partnership between GLH and UMS, noting that it will create new opportunities for economic and cultural cooperation between the UAE and the Netherlands. The collaboration aims to boost clean energy production in the UAE and leverages the mutual advantages of both countries, including the UAE’s sustainable efforts in the energy and food sectors and the Netherlands’ advanced technologies and expertise in these areas.

Ali Mohammed Al Mulla revealed that the partnership’s primary objective is to establish the Middle East’s largest electric power battery and generator facility in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, the collaboration seeks to transfer advanced technologies from the Netherlands to the UAE and transform heavy civil and military equipment into emission-free machinery.

Al Mulla praised the UAE’s investment-friendly environment, which played a crucial role in attracting UMS to the country. The strategic partnership agreement exemplifies the UAE’s leadership approach in engaging in innovative and clean energy investments. The joint efforts between GLH and UMS align with the UAE’s commitment to sustainability and its role in hosting COP28 during the Year of Sustainability.

“We are gathered here to lay the foundation of our partnership through the first environmentally-friendly battery facility, and we aspire to contribute to our production in strengthening national industries, by exporting products bearing the ‘Made in the Emirates’ label to European and Australian markets,” he added.

“We are working to replace combustion fuel with clean energy in heavy equipment. Our products include power generators, precision cables and batteries for civil and military use. We also make energy engine systems and electric drive systems. Besides, we share our green energy technology and knowledge with our national engineers and technicians, helping them reduce carbon emissions. We also established a research and development management for clean energy and carbon reduction in the UAE,” Al Mulla said.

He stressed that this green technology transfer would help achieve sustainable development for future generations and provide employment opportunities for qualified local talents, consistent with the government’s actions to encourage localisation.

Moreover, Kool said that the partnership aims to unite two entities committed to advancing the local industry, boosting national income, and exploring new opportunities in European and Australian markets.

This partnership agreement will pave the way for new opportunities, boost technological innovation and help shape the national industry, he added, stating, “We shared his pride to provide a means to transfer green technology, which will produce ‘Made in the Emiratesd’ products soon.”

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