General Authority for Islamic Affairs Concludes 13th Quran Memorization Award

General Authority for Islamic Affairs Concludes 13th Quran Memorization Award

The General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments successfully wrapped up the thirteenth edition of its annual Quran memorization and recitation award. The competition included participants from the authority’s memorization centers and circles, school students, inmates of penal and correctional institutions in the country, and individuals affiliated with centers and institutions dedicated to people of determination.

The closing ceremony, attended by Dr. Omar Habtoor Al-Darai, Chairman of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, His Excellency Muhammad Saeed Al-Neyadi, Director-General of the Authority, and various officials and employees, celebrated the achievements of male and female contestants. The event also saw the presence of senior figures from participating institutions, entities, and Quranic institutions in the country, along with the families and directors of Holy Quran memorization centers.

During his speech, Dr. Omar Habtoor Al-Darai extended a warm welcome to the guests and congratulated the winners for their well-deserved honors in memorizing the Quran. He commended their dedication to participating in the award and competing according to its rules, principles, and standards, emphasizing that this initiative is a part of the Authority’s ongoing efforts to serve the Book of God Almighty.

Al-Darai highlighted the Authority’s commitment to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s vision, who laid the foundation for memorization centers and the honoring of memorizers. The Authority aims to provide learning opportunities for all segments of society, irrespective of age, to join Quran memorization centers, and Holy Quran circles, and utilize modern technology for remote learning. He expressed gratitude to parents for encouraging their sons and daughters to memorize the Holy Quran, noting that it brings happiness not only to them but also to their families and the community at large.

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