Federal Tax Authority Conducts Workshop to Raise Awareness of Corporate Tax in Dubai

Federal Tax Authority Conducts Workshop to Raise Awareness of Corporate Tax in Dubai

Dubai – The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) organized the second awareness workshop on “The General Principles of Taxation of Corporations and Businesses” in Dubai as part of an ongoing series that will continue until the end of the year.

The workshop witnessed a significant turnout, with over 600 businesses from various sectors in attendance.

These workshops are part of a comprehensive campaign aimed at increasing awareness of Corporate Tax among businesses in the UAE and providing continuous educational support to taxpayers. The campaign extends the FTA’s collaborative efforts with relevant stakeholders to disseminate knowledge about corporate tax and reach as many taxpayers as possible, addressing their queries and providing them with the necessary information.

FTA Director-General, Khalid Ali Al Bustani, highlighted the importance of the workshop, stating, “The remarkable turnout of business representatives at today’s workshop demonstrates the significance of the FTA’s efforts in providing vital information and clarification on the implementation of the Corporate Tax Law, ensuring taxpayers are well-prepared to fulfill their tax obligations.”

He further added, “These awareness workshops and activities are part of a comprehensive educational campaign we launched after the implementation of Corporate Tax. Our objective is to create an enabling business environment that supports the UAE’s economic growth and global competitiveness. We aim to continue equipping taxpayers with the necessary information, promoting self-compliance, and enhancing the flexibility of our tax procedures.”

During the workshop, FTA representatives emphasized the importance of the UAE’s competitive corporate tax regime, which is designed based on international best practices and standards. The speakers highlighted how this tax system enhances the UAE’s status as a global business and investment hub and strengthens its financial and economic model.

The FTA representatives provided an overview of the fundamental elements of the UAE corporate tax regime, as well as the associated policies and regulations. The presentations included detailed explanations of corporate tax timelines, tax periods, and FTA’s flexible mechanisms for implementing the Corporate Tax Law. These procedures ensure seamless compliance, business continuity, and adherence to global tax practices.

Key topics covered during the workshop included the conditions for determining taxable persons and exempt persons, corporate tax rates, tax periods, and the Small Business Relief scheme, which supports start-ups and small or micro businesses by treating them as having no taxable income if their revenue in the relevant tax period and previous periods is below AED 3 million.

Other topics discussed included corporate tax in free zones, determination of taxable income, transitional rules, taxable businesses and activities of individuals, Permanent Establishment for non-resident individuals, conditions for forming a Tax Group, tax loss relief, business restructuring relief, and corporate tax compliance requirements. FTA representatives also addressed participants’ inquiries related to Corporate Tax.

The FTA invited all businesses and individuals subject to Corporate Tax to participate in the awareness workshops on “The General Principles of Taxation of Corporations and Businesses,” emphasizing that early registration allows companies and businesses sufficient time to meet all their legal obligations.

The FTA’s awareness campaign also includes a series of in-person workshops across the UAE, along with virtual workshops in Arabic and English that will be launched in the coming months.

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