Expo City Dubai Launches Region’s First Artificial Intelligence Film Festival (AIFF)

Expo City Dubai Launches Region’s First Artificial Intelligence Film Festival (AIFF)

Expo City Dubai is breaking new ground in technology and innovation by hosting the region’s inaugural Artificial Intelligence Film Festival (AIFF). This groundbreaking event will explore the potential of AI technology to enhance creative storytelling and revolutionize the filmmaking industry.

The AIFF, hosted by Expo City Dubai, offers a hybrid experience with a dedicated website that allows virtual visitors to participate remotely. It aims to be the premier event in the region celebrating the intersection of cinema and AI, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and technology.

Expo City Dubai’s commitment to innovation and AI exploration positions it as a global hub for big ideas and future-focused initiatives.

The AIFF will span nearly six months, featuring a global competition, innovative film screenings, panel discussions with renowned AI experts and filmmakers, and hands-on workshops showcasing how AI can be integrated into film production to enhance the creative process.

The competition is now open, inviting professional and amateur filmmakers worldwide to submit short films that incorporate AI-generated content. Winning entries will be showcased at an awards ceremony on February 29, 2024.

Marjan Faraidooni, Chief of Education and Culture at Expo City Dubai, expressed the city’s dedication to placing humanity at the forefront of technological innovation. AIFF is just one of many initiatives aimed at exploring the dynamic relationship between creativity and technology, opening doors for talent and technology to converge in the filmmaking industry.

Submissions for the AIFF competition are being accepted from today until December 1, 2023, inviting filmmakers to explore the limitless possibilities of AI in storytelling.

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