Emirati Humanitarian Aid Convoy En Route to Gaza Strip

Emirati Humanitarian Aid Convoy En Route to Gaza Strip

In a significant development today, an Emirati humanitarian aid convoy commenced its journey from the Egyptian city of Al-Arish to the Rafah crossing, poised to enter the Gaza Strip for distribution under Emirati supervision. This initiative is part of Operation “The Gallant Knight 3,” a directive from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, aimed at providing vital support to the brotherly Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Comprising 13 trucks, the convoy carries a substantial aid payload totaling 272.5 tons. This includes 16,800 food parcels, weighing 252 tons and distributed across 10 trucks, designed to benefit 84,000 people. Additionally, the convoy transports 360 tents, totaling 20.5 tons, loaded onto three trucks.

As part of the ongoing commitment to humanitarian efforts, the UAE continues its support for the Palestinian brothers through Operation “Gallant Knight 3.” This includes a robust airlift involving 49 aircraft thus far, demonstrating the nation’s dedication to alleviating the hardships faced by civilians in the Gaza Strip amid exceptionally challenging circumstances.

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