Emirates Inline Skating Sports Federation Holds Fifth Meeting in 2023

Emirates Inline Skating Sports Federation Holds Fifth Meeting in 2023

In a significant development for inline skating enthusiasts, the Emirates Inline Skating Sports Federation convened its fifth meeting of the year 2023. The meeting presided over by His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Council of the Emirates Inline Skating Sports Federation and President of the Arab Inline Skating Sports Federation, was attended by esteemed members of the Board of Directors.

Counselor Ahmed Salem Soudin, First Vice President of the Federation, Muhammad Khalifa Al Darmaki, Second Vice President of the Federation, and Board of Directors members Saeed Muhammad Al-Dahmani, Muhammad Yaqoub, Khawla Ismail Al-Hammadi, and Maryam Al-Mansouri were present at the gathering.

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan commenced the meeting by extending a warm welcome to the members, expressing gratitude for their dedicated efforts during the preceding period. The collaborative work undertaken by the members has significantly contributed to steering the sport of roller skating in the right direction, fostering improvement, and promoting its positive growth in the country. Notably, the sport has seen increased activity through the organization of local tournaments and the hosting of international events that attract widespread attention and interest from enthusiasts worldwide.

Key points on the meeting’s agenda included the relocation of the federation’s headquarters to the city of Al Ain. The Board of Directors also deliberated on the adoption of administrative regulations to align with the evolving systems and governance of sports federations in the country. A pivotal decision was the approval of the federation’s comprehensive ten-year strategic plan. Additionally, the meeting endorsed the preparation of a guide outlining the licensing procedures for clubs and training centers associated with the sport.

The Council further examined reports on various local, regional, and international tournaments, assessing those recently conducted and those anticipated in the upcoming period. Discussions encompassed the federation’s steps and procedures for joining the International Federation of the Game and the UAE National Olympic Committee. Insights were shared on ongoing efforts and outcomes in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, particularly concerning the promotion of the sport among school students in the emirate. The Federation is actively working towards expanding the reach of inline skating enthusiasts.

In a significant milestone, the Board of Directors, led by His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, officially greenlit the launch of the federation’s official website. The website, once operational after finalizing all arrangements, will serve as the official portal for the Federation. It will provide a platform to showcase its activities, programs, championships, and establish communication channels with external stakeholders.

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