Eid Al Adha Mega Sales Fair 2023 Begins at Expo Centre Sharjah

Eid Al Adha Mega Sales Fair 2023 Begins at Expo Centre Sharjah

The highly anticipated 3rd Eid Al Adha Mega Sales Fair 2023, a comprehensive destination for all Eid-related needs, has commenced today at Expo Centre Sharjah. The 10-day event aims to take full advantage of the country’s longest holiday break of the year. Authorities have announced a four-day break from 27th to 30th June for Eid Al Adha, followed by a two-day weekend, resulting in a six-day holiday period. The fair is also strategically timed to cater to the holiday requirements of expatriates as the school summer vacations begin towards the end of June.

Saif Mohamed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “As a comprehensive electronics and fashion sale, this event will undoubtedly become one of the top destinations in the country and the region for Eid celebrations. Additionally, since the summer vacations are about to start, the event will be a must-visit for those planning journeys to their home countries. Moreover, it will be the ideal place for families seeking enjoyable staycations within the country.”

Organized by Liz Exhibitions, the event features an extensive range of products from renowned brands and retail chains, including perfumes, abayas, fashion accessories, cosmetics, gift items, and electronic goods.

Jacob Varghese, CEO of Liz Exhibition, highlighted the significance of the Eid Al Adha Fair, stating, “In just a short period, this has become an integral part of Eid celebrations in the country. With consumer spending increasing by nearly 20 percent in 2022, we expect the trend to continue this year as well, and events like Eid Al Adha Fair will serve as catalysts for retail sales.”

Visitors can anticipate attractive bargain deals and special prices on a wide selection of popular brands, with discounts reaching up to 70-80 percent.

The Eid Al Adha Fair remains open from 11:00 to 23:00 at Expo Centre Sharjah, inviting visitors to explore and indulge in the festive shopping experience.

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