Dubai’s Global Village VIP Packs Quickly Sold Out

Dubai’s Global Village VIP Packs Quickly Sold Out

Dubai’s Global Village experienced a rush in sales as its VIP packs, valued at thousands of dirhams, were completely sold out in just over an hour after being made available for purchase on Saturday.

Global Village made the announcement via the X social media platform, stating, “All of the VIP packs have sold out! We look forward to welcoming you… during season 28.” Among these VIP packs, one contains a ‘golden cheque’ worth Dh28,000, marking the attraction’s 28th season set to commence on October 18.

The VIP packs for this popular family destination were released for sale at 10 am and were completely sold out by 11:21 am, as indicated in the X post. These packages were available for purchase online through the Virgin Megastore Tickets website.

The pricing tiers for the VIP packs included Diamond VIP Packs at Dh7,000, Platinum Packs at Dh2,950, Gold Packs at Dh2,250, and Silver Packs at Dh1,750. These special packs grant VIP entry tickets, VIP parking stickers, and a range of privileges, including VIP Wonder Pass cards offering access to various attractions such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, the Cyber City stunt show, and the Carnival funfair. Additionally, they provide complimentary or discounted access to premium experiences at Global Village and offer special perks and privileges at various entertainment attractions throughout Dubai.

Diamond Pack holders receive vouchers for in-park taxi transportation, car wash services, and porter services as part of their package.

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