Dubai Police Welcomes UK Delegation to Enhance Collaboration in Forensic Sciences and Criminology

Dubai Police Welcomes UK Delegation to Enhance Collaboration in Forensic Sciences and Criminology

Dubai – Major General Ahmad Thani bin Ghalita Al Muhairi, Director of the General Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology, extended a warm welcome to a delegation from the United Kingdom during their recent visit. The meeting was attended by high-ranking officials, including Brigadier Khalid Al Sumaiti and Brigadier Maki Sulaiman, as well as directors and officers from various departments.

Major General bin Ghalita expressed Dubai Police’s keenness to establish strong communication channels and exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices with local and international entities. He provided the delegation with an overview of the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology, highlighting its unique working mechanism and the utmost confidentiality maintained in handling crime evidence. He also emphasized Dubai Police’s commitment to investing in its workforce by providing specialized academic qualifications in various fields related to forensic evidence.

Brigadier Khaled Al Sumaiti, in turn, briefed the delegation on Dubai Police’s best practices, recent and future projects, initiatives, research activities, bulletins, and the latest advancements in genetic fingerprint analysis. He also highlighted the role of the International Centre for Forensic Sciences (ICFS) in supporting research in forensic evidence at regional and international levels, as well as the training courses it offers and its active participation in events related to scientific specializations in forensic evidence.

Following their visit, the UK delegation expressed admiration for Dubai Police’s advanced expertise in forensic science and criminology. To commemorate the occasion, Major General Al Muhairi presented the delegation with a souvenir shield from Dubai Police.

The visit served as a valuable opportunity to strengthen collaboration and foster mutual learning between Dubai Police and their UK counterparts in the field of forensic sciences and criminology. Such exchanges contribute to enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in combating crime and ensuring the safety and security of communities.

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