Dubai Municipality Readies Comprehensive Eid Al Adha Cleanliness Drive

Dubai Municipality Readies Comprehensive Eid Al Adha Cleanliness Drive

Dubai Municipality Prepares Comprehensive Cleanliness Drive for Eid Al Adha

Dubai Municipality is gearing up for a rigorous cleanliness campaign across the emirate during the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays, employing a robust workforce and strategic operational plans.

With meticulous planning at its core, the municipality has assigned 3,150 field supervisors and sanitation engineers to oversee cleaning operations spanning roads, residential areas, markets, beaches, and public facilities. The initiative aims to uphold stringent cleanliness standards throughout the festive period, covering a total of 2,300 kilometers of roads under close monitoring and cleaning.

To ensure operational efficiency, Dubai Municipality has structured its workforce into specialized teams. A core group of 250 supervisors will coordinate the activities of 2,250 sanitation engineers working in a continuous four-shift system. Additionally, 650 cleaning engineers from the private sector will bolster operations in key locations such as tourist hubs and industrial zones.

Special emphasis will be placed on public beaches, where dedicated teams of supervisors and sanitation engineers will operate in three shifts to maintain cleanliness. Exclusive family-only zones at popular beaches like Corniche Al Mamzar and Jumeirah 1 to 3 underscore the municipality’s commitment to enhancing public enjoyment and safety during the holiday period.

The municipality has also allocated resources for waste collection and transportation, deploying a fleet of 759 automated vehicles. These vehicles will play pivotal roles in routine cleaning and emergency response activities throughout Eid.

In alignment with modern service delivery, Dubai Municipality encourages residents to utilize online platforms for various requests, including waste disposal permits and infrastructure approvals. Certain services, such as bulk waste collection, will experience temporary suspension on the first day of Eid, resuming promptly thereafter.

Authorities urge the public to cooperate by adhering to guidelines, avoiding littering, and responsibly disposing of waste to preserve Dubai’s pristine environment. These efforts underscore Dubai Municipality’s commitment to ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for residents and visitors alike during Eid Al Adha.

To maintain uninterrupted service, operational facilities like the Al Qusais and Bayada landfills will operate round-the-clock alongside critical waste treatment facilities throughout the holiday season.

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