Dubai Hosts Inaugural HYROX DXB International Fitness Championship

Dubai Hosts Inaugural HYROX DXB International Fitness Championship

Dubai made history by hosting the HYROX DXB International Fitness Championship for the first time in the Middle East and Africa, drawing over 3,000 athletes, with 15% of participants traveling from various countries to be part of this groundbreaking event. This remarkable fitness competition, renowned as the largest indoor fitness race globally, unfolded at the Dubai World Trade Centre and was organized in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council (DSC).

Participants at the Championship competed in various categories, including men’s professionals, women’s professionals, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles, men’s singles, women’s singles, and athletes of determination.

In the men’s professionals’ category, American athlete Ryan Kent secured the top position, completing the race in an impressive time of 00:59:00 hours. British contender Jordan Bryant claimed the second spot with a time of 01:02:27 hours, followed by fellow countryman Michael Logie in third place with a time of 01:04:21 hours.

In the women’s professionals’ category, American Laurin Wix clinched the victory, finishing the race in 00:59:27 hours. Swedish athlete Mikaela Norman secured the second position with a time of 01:00:35 hours, while British competitor Jess Toole secured the third position in 01:07:18 hours.

The men’s singles category saw Canadian participant Darin Burke take the first place with a time of 01:03:54 hours. British athlete Sian Clancy closely followed in second place with a time of 01:03:55 hours, and French contender Alexander Fedotov secured the third position in 01:05:33 hours.

In the women’s singles category, British athlete Karala Dili emerged victorious with a time of 01:08:18 hours. British competitor Sharna Garforth secured the second place with a time of 01:09:04 hours, and Swedish athlete Florin Eprail claimed the third position with a time of 01:09:32 hours.

Saeed Hareb, Secretary-General of DSC, expressed his delight, saying, “Dubai is the first city in the Middle East to host this Championship, and our Emirate is the favorite destination for global and great championship organizers. This Championship attracts several and various classes from UAE and overseas.”

Christian Totzke, Founder and Administrative Partner of Hyrox Championships commended Dubai as a prime location for such prestigious events, highlighting the city’s efficiency in hosting international competitions.

Rayan Agha, CEO of Hyrox Championships, emphasized the global reach of the event, with over 3,000 athletes from 165 countries across the globe participating. The Championship aims to enhance fitness levels and is part of a worldwide competition series taking place in over 20 cities across 11 countries.

This historic edition in Dubai is set to run for three years, providing participants with a unique and challenging indoor fitness experience. Winners earn the opportunity to compete in the World Championship scheduled for June 2024 in Nice, France.

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