Dubai Health Authority Unveils Innovative ‘Health Talents’ Initiative to Boost Emiratisation in Private Medical Sector

Dubai Health Authority Unveils Innovative ‘Health Talents’ Initiative to Boost Emiratisation in Private Medical Sector

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched a groundbreaking initiative known as “Health Talents” as a key component of its Emiratisation policy.

This visionary initiative is strategically designed to empower and foster Emiratisation within the private healthcare sector. It leverages the wealth of medical and administrative expertise among Emirati citizens, aligning the sector with the overarching objectives and aspirations of the Emirate of Dubai. The primary focus areas include sustainable health, overall well-being, and the realization of a world-class medical model.

The “Health Talents” initiative, overseen by the Medical Education and Research Department at DHA, represents one of several forward-thinking programs geared towards offering specialized employment prospects for Emirati professionals. It not only creates avenues for these skilled individuals to elevate the quality of healthcare services in Dubai but also encourages their active involvement in the continual development efforts within the healthcare system.

The roll-out of this initiative will be highlighted by the commencement of a prestigious exhibition, organized by the Dubai Health Authority and set to commence on Monday. This unique exhibition will serve as a pivotal meeting ground, bringing together prominent healthcare establishments in Dubai, Emirati talents, graduates of the Scholarship Programme (Medicine and Sciences) administered by the Authority, as well as graduates specializing in diverse healthcare disciplines such as nursing, radiology, laboratory sciences, pharmacy, physiotherapy, health insurance, medical equipment engineering, psychology, and various administrative specializations.

The “Health Talents” exhibition is scheduled to span two days, during which 24 leading healthcare institutions and facilities will actively participate. More than 100 job openings spanning a wide spectrum of healthcare and administrative specialties will be on offer. The Dubai Health Authority anticipates a substantial surge in citizen employment opportunities during the course of the exhibition.

This ambitious initiative underscores the DHA’s unwavering commitment to harnessing the immense potential of Emirati professionals, thereby nurturing the growth and excellence of the private healthcare sector in Dubai. It paves the way for a future where healthcare services are delivered at the highest standard, truly reflecting Dubai’s global vision for outstanding medical care and wellness.

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