Dubai Chamber of Commerce Empowers Private Notary Offices Through Collaborative Workshops

Dubai Chamber of Commerce Empowers Private Notary Offices Through Collaborative Workshops

In a strategic move aimed at fortifying the business landscape in Dubai, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, one of the integral chambers within Dubai Chambers, orchestrated a pair of workshops dedicated to identifying and surmounting challenges encountered by private notary offices in the emirate.

These workshops emerged as a pivotal facet of the chamber’s overarching mission to foster engagement with entities in the private sector, enlisting their insights in shaping policies and driving advocacy initiatives. By actively involving private sector companies, Dubai Chamber aims to elevate the emirate’s business environment to new heights.

Drawing the active participation of representatives from private notary companies in Dubai, these sessions provided a platform for the exchange of insights and ideas, centering on streamlining the notarization process and advancing the notary profession. The overarching aim is to augment support for Dubai’s dynamic and vibrant business community.

President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, highlighted the global magnetism of Dubai, attracting businesses and individuals from diverse corners of the world, resulting in constant demand for notary services to validate documents and transactions. Lootah underlined the emirate’s distinguished global standing in notary services and reaffirmed Dubai Chamber’s commitment to synergizing with the private sector to enhance and modernize private notary office services, aligning them with Dubai’s forward-looking strategies.

Lootah stated, “Our initiatives are geared towards facilitating seamless access to legal certification services for business leaders and investors, thereby bolstering trust in Dubai’s exceptional business ecosystem.”

Participants emphasized the significance of leveraging smart data capturing methods to enhance transaction precision and mitigate the risk of human errors. Moreover, discussions revolved around the potential advantages of issuing notary public-certified documents in multiple languages to bolster confidence in their accuracy and amplify Dubai’s global investment allure.

The workshops delved into avenues for simplifying procedures, with a keen focus on easing licensing protocols for aspiring young notaries entering the profession. By nurturing this collaborative environment, Dubai Chamber strives to empower the notary sector and fortify Dubai’s position as a global investment powerhouse.

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