Dubai Centre for Family Businesses Collaborates with Family Firm Institute to Launch Certification Program

Dubai Centre for Family Businesses Collaborates with Family Firm Institute to Launch Certification Program

The Dubai Centre for Family Businesses has announced a new partnership with the Family Firm Institute (FFI) to launch a family business advisory certificate programme. The collaboration aims to provide world-class educational opportunities for family businesses in Dubai and empower them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

As part of the partnership, members of the Dubai Centre will have access to enrol in the FFI’s Global Education Network (GEN) Certificate Programme. This programme includes Certificates in Family Business Advising (CFBA) and Family Wealth Advising (CFWA). Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their skills and better serve their family business clients, ultimately raising the level of services provided by family businesses in the region.

The CFBA and CFWA courses have been developed over three decades of practice and research, offering students trusted knowledge and skill development in a convenient online format. The FFI GEN Certificate Programme, a part of the Global Education Network, focuses on key concepts, frameworks, and strategies for successfully navigating the unique challenges and opportunities faced by family-owned businesses.

Abdul Aziz Abdulla Al Ghurair, Chairman of Dubai Chambers, emphasized the importance of family businesses in Dubai’s economic success and expressed the aim of the certification program to equip family business advisors with the necessary knowledge and skills to support family businesses effectively.

Osama Ibrahim Seddiqi, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Dubai Centre for Family Businesses, highlighted the Centre’s commitment to promoting good governance and serving as the voice of Dubai’s family business community. The partnership with FFI represents a significant step towards providing the right tools to impact the family business ecosystem positively in Dubai.

Judy Green, Ph.D., President of the Family Firm Institute, expressed pleasure in collaborating with the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses and providing educational and publication resources in the GCC. The FFI GEN Certificate Programme offers access to coursework, readings, and distinguished faculty worldwide, aligning with FFI’s mission to be a global network of thought leaders in the field of family enterprise.

The Dubai Centre for Family Businesses, established in May 2023 under Dubai Chambers, supports family-owned businesses in achieving continuity and successful generational transitions. Through this partnership with FFI, the Centre will offer educational programmes and resources tailored to family businesses, ensuring their sustainability and creating lasting legacies for future generations.

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