Dhs431 Million Project Set to Transform Dubai Traffic

Dhs431 Million Project Set to Transform Dubai Traffic

Dubai, known for its vibrant city life, has long grappled with traffic congestion. In a bid to alleviate this issue, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced a groundbreaking Dhs431 million project on Sunday, June 30. This initiative aims to streamline traffic flow around Dubai Harbour by introducing direct exit and entry points.

The ambitious project is designed to accommodate an impressive 6,000 vehicles per hour, marking a significant enhancement in the city’s road infrastructure. Upon completion, travel times in the Dubai Harbour area are expected to plummet from 12 minutes to a mere 3 minutes, revolutionizing the daily commute for countless residents and visitors.

As Dubai continues to expand, this project represents a crucial step towards ensuring smoother and more efficient traffic management throughout the city.

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