DEWA Encourages Customers to Check for Water Leaks and Utilize Smart Initiatives for Conservation

DEWA Encourages Customers to Check for Water Leaks and Utilize Smart Initiatives for Conservation

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has launched an awareness campaign called “Make Smart Summer Choices Your Habit,” urging customers to regularly inspect their internal water connections for potential leaks. These leaks can result in significant water wastage and property damage, making it essential for customers to take proactive measures.

DEWA emphasized the importance of using smart initiatives and services to enhance water consumption efficiency and minimize waste, thereby conserving valuable resources. The campaign aims to educate customers about the areas most susceptible to leaks, including water tanks, bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools. Leaks from water tanks can occur due to aging, deteriorated tank bodies, faulty connections, or improper positioning. Other common sources of leaks include taps, pipes, toilet tanks, water heaters, and the house irrigation system.

To ensure proper maintenance, DEWA advises customers to engage competent technicians for regular inspections and repairs. The DEWA Store, accessible through the smart app, provides a list of recommended technical service providers, offering exclusive discounts to customers. By utilizing the DEWA smart app and website, customers can access a dashboard to proactively monitor and manage their electricity and water consumption online without the need to contact DEWA directly.

DEWA further offers the High-Water Usage Alert service, which helps customers identify potential leaks in their water connections after the meter. By monitoring their bills or using smart water meters, customers can detect any anomalies and take appropriate action. However, DEWA clarified that its responsibility is limited to connections and maintenance up to the meter, while internal connections after the meter are the sole responsibility of the customer/owner. This policy applies to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors alike.

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