Competitors Shine in the Dubai International Holy Quran Competition

Competitors Shine in the Dubai International Holy Quran Competition

In the 27th session of the Dubai International Holy Quran Competition, seven contestants showcased their talents on the second day of the event, held at the Culture and Science Symposium headquarters in the Al Mamzar area. Against the backdrop of Ramadan’s spirituality and the vibrant atmosphere of Dubai’s Ramadan nights, the competition drew wide participation from across the globe, with attendees including members of the organizing committee, esteemed officials, diplomatic and consular corps, sponsors, and a large audience of followers.

Ahmed Al Zahid, a member of the organizing committee and the official spokesperson for the Dubai International Holy Quran Award, commended the remarkable turnout and exceptional performance of contestants in this session. He highlighted the fair competition and unwavering determination displayed by participants from various countries, who excelled in Quran memorization and recitation, underscoring the meticulous selection process for participants.

Al-Zahid lauded the seven contestants from Portugal, Tajikistan, Egypt, India, Denmark, Thailand, and Australia, for their melodious voices and flawless Quranic recitations, reflecting the meticulous participant selection process. He expressed hope for the continuation of this distinguished level of performance and the substantial public attendance.

Praising the competition’s success, Counselor Salah Bamfursha Al Falasi, Senior Attorney General at the Dubai Prosecution, reaffirmed the Public Prosecution’s commitment to supporting the event as a strategic partner. He thanked the organizing committee for their invaluable efforts in ensuring the competition’s success both locally and internationally.

Australian Ambassador Radwan Jadot expressed delight in attending the event to support his country’s contestant, underscoring the competition’s significance in fostering goodwill among contestants from diverse backgrounds.

Catherine Dela Cruz Cantu, Attaché of the Philippine Consulate in Dubai, commended the competition’s standard and highlighted her country’s annual participation since its inception, emphasizing its role in fostering good relations among participants.

Dr. Saeed Abdullah Hareb, Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee, extended gratitude to sponsors, including the Dubai Public Prosecution and Flora Hotels Group, for their contributions to the event’s success and their support for Islamic culture.

Participants expressed their appreciation for the organizing committee’s hospitality and efforts in creating a competitive yet sincere environment reflecting true Islamic values. They shared their dedication to Quranic memorization and its profound impact on their personal and professional lives.

Portuguese contestant Hamid Muhammad Shakil shared his diverse experiences and the inspiration he drew from Holy Mosque imams, which led him to memorize the Quran alongside studying electronic engineering.

Representing Egypt, Youssef Al-Sayed Abdel Moati Al-Ashaal shared his inspiring journey of overcoming challenges despite being blind, attributing his success to familial support and personal determination. He spoke of spending hours each day reviewing Quranic verses, which profoundly influenced his life, leading him to become an imam and preacher in his village.

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