Central Bank of the UAE Introduces Rulebook Platform to Enhance Regulatory Transparency

Central Bank of the UAE Introduces Rulebook Platform to Enhance Regulatory Transparency

The Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) has taken a significant step towards adopting innovative financial technologies by launching the Rulebook platform on its official website. This dedicated platform serves as a comprehensive repository for the CBUAE’s regulations, standards, guidelines, relevant laws, and other regulatory publications.

The introduction of the Rulebook platform is part of the CBUAE’s ongoing efforts to enhance transparency and communication with licensed financial institutions, consumers, partners, and service users. By providing easy access to regulatory publications, the CBUAE aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of its policies within the financial sector.

The Rulebook platform offers users a user-friendly experience, accessible through any browser and device. It is available in both Arabic and English, catering to the diverse needs of stakeholders in the financial sector.

To assist users in navigating regulatory content effectively, the platform incorporates several new features. One such feature is the dynamic reference system, which transforms any reference into a clickable link, enabling users to explore related information effortlessly. Additionally, the platform’s versioning system enables users to track the evolution of regulations over time, ensuring they stay up to date with the latest developments.

While primarily targeted toward financial industry professionals, the Rulebook platform is accessible to the public, allowing consumers to access content specifically relevant to them. This includes regulations and standards related to consumer protection, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and understand their rights in the UAE’s financial landscape.

The Rulebook platform is set to become a vital point of reference for all individuals and entities operating in the UAE’s financial sector. By fostering transparency and accessibility, the CBUAE aims to promote a well-regulated and customer-centric financial environment.

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