“Arada” Real Estate Development Company Launches Third Edition of “Home for Every Home” Ramadan Initiative

“Arada” Real Estate Development Company Launches Third Edition of “Home for Every Home” Ramadan Initiative

Arada, a leading real estate development company, has unveiled the third edition of its Ramadan initiative, “Home for Every Home,” aiming to provide homes for needy families this year. For every home sold in Arada’s projects during the holy month of Ramadan, a house will be constructed for displaced families in Syria.

In partnership with the Big Heart Foundation and the international non-profit organization “Human Concern International,” the initiative will support hundreds of displaced families by constructing a comprehensive residential complex near Aleppo. The complex will include essential facilities such as a school, mosque, medical clinic, children’s playground, and several shops.

Each home will be equipped with household items, and the school and medical clinic will be furnished with essential equipment, including school bags, recreational tools, furniture, stationery, and other necessities.

This campaign underscores Arada’s commitment to sustainable development and reflects the humanitarian principles upheld by the UAE. It aims to alleviate the suffering of individuals affected by harsh life conditions worldwide.

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, environmental sustainability principles will be considered in constructing the new community. The executing companies will be required to adhere to necessary environmental standards.

Ahmed Alkhoshaibi, CEO of Arada, expressed gratitude for the support from clients and partners, highlighting their commitment to assisting distressed communities worldwide. He praised the partnership with the Big Heart Foundation and Human Concern International in providing aid to displaced Syrian families in Aleppo, an area heavily impacted by last year’s devastating earthquake.

Maryam Alhamadi, Director General of the Big Heart Foundation, commended Arada’s commitment to expanding the initiative to include more countries and communities in the region. She stated, “The ‘Home for Every Home’ initiative, over the past two years, has demonstrated that humanity is our common ground, around which individuals and entities can unite to make a difference.”

Iftikhar Sheikh Ahmed, International Programs Director at Human Concern International, highlighted the dire conditions faced by thousands of displaced families in Syria due to severe cold, lack of shelter, and limited food. He emphasized the initiative’s collaboration with Arada and the Big Heart Foundation in providing homes and essential services to those most in need.

The previous two editions of the “Home for Every Home” initiative, executed in partnership with the Big Heart Foundation and the UN Refugee Agency, saw the construction of over 700 homes for refugee families in northern Kenya. Additionally, clean and sustainable water resources were provided, benefiting nearly 43,000 people. This noble initiative was honored at the 2023 Arab Social Responsibility Awards under the category of innovative partnerships and collaborative initiatives.

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