Arab Youth Centre Renewing Commitment to Empower Arab Youth on International Youth Day

Arab Youth Centre Renewing Commitment to Empower Arab Youth on International Youth Day

In celebration of International Youth Day on August 12th, the Arab Youth Centre (AYC) has reaffirmed its dedication to empowering the Arab youth and fostering their leadership across diverse domains. The AYC is resolute in its mission to cultivate a generation of young Arab leaders capable of charting a luminous course for the Arab world. Through a spectrum of initiatives, events, and programs, the Centre endeavors to hone their skills, amplify their potential, and kindle their drive to catalyze change and create a positive impact within their communities.

This occasion carries exceptional significance within the Arab region, particularly with the Arab League’s proclamation of 2023 as the “Arab Youth Year,” a pivotal initiative aimed at heightening awareness about Arab youth, their aspirations, and future trajectories. This strategic move seeks to galvanize youth engagement and constructive participation within their communities.

H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the Arab Youth Centre, underscored the UAE’s commitment to empowering youth, a pathway aligned with the vision of the nation’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The UAE’s sustained efforts and initiatives have solidified its position as a preferred hub for youthful endeavors, a testament to the synergistic partnerships between national institutions and regional counterparts. These partnerships invest in harnessing youth potential for development while nurturing their national identity, linguistic pride, and patriotic spirit.

Sheikh Theyab accentuated the Centre’s dedication to augmenting youth capacities, drawing inspiration from their commendable examples in volunteerism and national service. He emphasized skill enhancement, especially in areas related to the green economy, as pivotal for driving sustainable development.

Encouraging Arab youth to persevere in their pursuit of ambitions, Sheikh Theyab urged them to leverage the Centre’s initiatives, programs, and projects in their journey towards success.

A Pioneering Endeavor for the Arab World

This year, a series of trailblazing initiatives unfolded from the UAE to the broader Arab World. Among these is the Youth Development Delegates Programme in the Arab region, a collaborative initiative by the AYC and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This program embeds young Arabs within 13 UNDP offices, fostering new skills, knowledge, and networks. These experiences empower participants to implement initiatives that benefit not only themselves and their countries but the entire Arab region.

The AYC and the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre established the Arabic Language Youth Council, a platform designed to deepen youngsters’ connection with the language. This council propels the use of Arabic across various facets of life and work, aiming to broaden comprehension and encourage participation in its future development.

The Arab Youth Council for Climate Change (AYCCC), a youth-led initiative by the AYC, propels engagement with environmental concerns, supports youth-led climate action, and fosters innovative, sustainable solutions to the climate change challenge. AYCCC’s significant contributions encompass involvement in the organization of the Road to COP28.

Furthermore, the AYC has been selected as an official co-host for the forthcoming 18th edition of the Conference of Youth (COY18). Scheduled for November in the UAE, preceding the United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP28), COY18 serves as a dynamic platform for climate advocacy, capacity building, and policy development training.

With the participation of over 3,000 global youth, COY18 will spotlight the youth’s contributions to key aspects of the conference, enhancing their capacity to engage in international climate dialogues and events.

Harnessing Regional Partnerships for Empowerment

The AYC leverages its regional collaborations to foster personal development and skills through specialized training programs and forums. The Centre strives to amplify positive and active citizenship, heighten youth awareness of their responsibility towards the future, and bolster their dedication to their homelands. As International Youth Day underscores the potential of youth to drive transformational change, the Arab Youth Centre remains steadfast in its commitment to shape the future leaders of the Arab world.

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