Al Dhafra Marine Festival Set to Host Marwah and Jinana Sailing Races

Al Dhafra Marine Festival Set to Host Marwah and Jinana Sailing Races

In its 15th edition, the Al Dhafra Marine Festival, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Ruler’s Representative in the Al Dhafra Region, has unveiled plans for the upcoming weekend. The festival will feature a Marwah race for 43-foot sailboats on Friday, followed by the Jinana Sailing Ships Race for the 22-foot class on Saturday.

Organized by the Abu Dhabi Heritage Authority and the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, both races will take place at Al Mughira Beach in the Al Dhafra region. The Marawah Sailing Race, spanning 15 nautical miles, will kick off from Bozoum Island, with an impressive lineup of 90 registered sailing boats. This race serves as a significant challenge for sailors, representing the intermediate class for young talents before advancing to major competitions.

On Saturday, the Jinana race for 22-foot sailboats will commence from Jinana Island, covering a distance of 7 nautical miles before concluding at Al-Mughira Beach. With 55 sailors vying for victory, this race stands as the initial step for emerging sailors in the realm of heritage racing categories.

Majid Ateeq Al Muhairi, Director of the Marine Sports Department at the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, expressed satisfaction with the preparations, emphasizing the commitment to top-notch standards in organization, logistics, and technology for both races. The substantial turnout for registration highlights the enthusiasm and dedication of boat owners, captains, and sailors to be part of this grand festival.

Al Muhairi stated, “We at the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club are pleased to organize heritage and modern marine races at various festivals and occasions in cooperation and coordination with the Abu Dhabi Heritage Authority, to achieve the common and desired goal, which is to enhance efforts to preserve heritage and pass it on to generations in all its details.” He also expressed hope for continued public engagement and enthusiasm throughout the remaining races on the festival agenda.

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