Ajman Real Estate Market Flourishes: February Transactions Hit AED 718 Million

Ajman Real Estate Market Flourishes: February Transactions Hit AED 718 Million

Engineer Omar bin Omair Al Muhairi, Director General of the Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation in Ajman, revealed that the real estate evaluation transactions for February surged to 129 transactions, amounting to an estimated total value of approximately AED 718 million, as per the latest monthly real estate report.

Al Muhairi emphasized the sustained positive momentum in the Ajman real estate market, citing exceptional figures and growing demand across all regions and property types within the emirate. He highlighted a remarkable 44.7% increase in the value of commercial real estate compared to January, commanding the lion’s share of valuation at AED 568.4 million, surpassing residential properties valued at AED 101.4 million, with industrial real estate following at AED 45.35 million.

Furthermore, Al Muhairi noted a significant 115% surge in the valuation of golden residency permits for investors compared to January, totaling 102 transactions amounting to AED 341 million. This underscores the rapid growth and broad demand in real estate investments driven by competitive advantages and attractions in the emirate.

Al Muhairi underscored the Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation’s commitment to employing innovative tools and enhancing work methods to bolster market transparency and safeguard the rights of property owners and traders. The monthly real estate report encompassed personal evaluation transactions along with evaluations conducted for courts and institutions, reflecting the department’s dedication to comprehensive market oversight and development.

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